Lethal Asbestos used in The Wizard of Oz

During the good ole days in movies before CGI, studio executives had to come up with special effects that would make the audience believe. Whether it was fake snow or a rainstorm, studios had to go the extra mile to make convincing special effects where whether was concerned. One of the most common ways to fake snow was to pull apart cotton balls and have them blown around with a giant fan. As silly as that sounds, it worked to convince the audience.

However good the cotton trick was, it was not sustainable. During a routine set inspection, firefighters highlighted the fact that cotton is highly flammable. Faced with a choice of how to proceed in making practical effects seem real, one set of filmmakers did the unthinkable: they used asbestos instead. While no one was hurt immediately, there is a certain irony to it all.

Asbestos Material used as Fake Snow

The specific scene asbestos was used was the one when Glinda the Good Witch conjures up a gentle snowstorm to awaken asbestos snowDorothy from the magic poppy fields. Since asbestos use was not discontinued until the early 1980s, it is safe to assume that the inspectors and the set directors had no idea of the substances deadly effects.

Also, the type of asbestos they used was considerably less deadly than the type used to insulate homes and such. The type directors used was called white chrysotile asbestos. If given the choice, it makes sense not to use either type. But, when you are making an iconic movie and you are strapped for ways to make a scene work, you do what you have to do.

Even though it was a bad idea, it was not one that was a “one and done” situation. In addition to The Wizard of Oz, Bing Crosby’s Christmas movie Holiday Inn used the same substance for its snow scenes.

Hollywood’s love affair with asbestos substances to make fake snow ended with World War II. Like others, Hollywood was called to ration when asbestos was diverted to military use, so they had to go back to the drawing board to make their fake snow.…

How I Discovered the best Asbestos Removal Professionals in Houston

cleaning asbestosAsbestos is a frightening word. As a business owner who possesses her very own soap shop in northeast Houston, I do important I could guarantee my store stays in top form. So envision my surprise when I discovered that I had to have my shop inspected for asbestos. Since my structure was constructed in the 1960s, there was an opportunity that the structure could have traces of that unpleasant compound. As a local business proprietor, something like eliminating asbestos can really break the bank. Despite though. It was something that needed to get done. I was a little nervous, yet after calling Asbestos Ace, I was actually surprised when the assistant gave me a little tidbit of info to relax my worries. She informed me that you can deal with asbestos because, in particular cases, it does not necessarily present a major health danger. If you simply reviewed that and are yelling at me to select a more experienced company to examine my shop, let me clarify.

The gentleman who appeared to check my soap shop was nice as well as really well-informed. He was from Asbestos Ace, which is a trustworthy business that utilizes natural products for drug removal. So why would certainly he tell me that asbestos could be “immaterial”? That is due to the fact that it holds true. Working in a soap shop or even staying in a house with asbestos is not necessarily all ruin as well as gloom. Most circumstances of serious wellness risk from the material happens when people are exposed to it over long periods of time. For instance, manufacturing facility workers who produce products which contain asbestos would be in excellent danger. That concerned me due to the fact that my staff members are also my good friends. The thought of them being gradually poisoned over a concern I was unaware of was significantly worrying. I discovered that over time, products made with asbestos can break down to release fibers in the air and also once it exists, it’s there. Asbestos fibers could continue to be in a structure for years at a time and also when a person breathes it in, that’s when the real risk can take place.

So, the person offered me a little bit much more information regarding exactly how the testing process was completed as well as went to work. He evaluated the entire soap shop to examine the problem as well as took samples for testing. He reassured me that if he did find asbestos, there would certainly be a process for removal. The professional would have to give me an article detailing where the substance laid and also the extent of the damage in each location. If the damage was severe, he would need to see to it to connect me with a corrective-action professional for appropriate tidy up, efficient air ventilation actions and follow-up to check the air to make sure no increase of asbestos fibers happens. All of that seemed really “official”. I was a little anxious concerning what the outcomes may be, but he did a fantastic task.

After his assessment, he told me that …

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